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News Article – 60W DC/DC Converter REM60-W

The REM60-W series of medical grade regulated DC/DC converters features reinforced 5kVAC/1minute isolation with low 4.5µA leakage (B, BF and CF compatible) and are 60601-1 3rd Ed. certified for 250VAC continuous working voltage isolation. The [...]

News Article – New CP Series Pressure Sensor

Superior Sensor Technology CP Series sensor module family builds upon the industry’s performance leading SP SeriesNimbleSense™ architecture. For reference, the SP Series integrates an advanced piezoresistive sensing element, ADC, DSP and processor intelligence. The [...]

News Article – IX Series

APEM’s popular I series range of pushbuttons is now evolving with the new IX series, designed to meet demanding markets. The IX series combines the high qualities of the IP and IA series with a [...]

News Article – KH Series Rocker Switch

APEM’s K range, well-known for its robustness, is now complemented with a new model named KH. Designed for harsh environments, KH series rocker switches are protected against accidental actuation with a protection guard.

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