IMS Connector Systems is an international, technology driven company specializing in development and production of high frequency connections. The product range includes a large assortment of coaxial RF connectors, coaxial cable assemblies, RF test switches, RF antenna switches, test adapters and test assemblies, battery contacts as well as antennas for mobile devices.

Furthermore IMS Connector Systems has a strong research and development division and offers its customers customized RF solutions for individual applications.

IMS Connector Systems provides the innovative quick lock connectors QLS and SnapN, as well as, the newly developed medical RF connectors MedEasyLock. One of the key products for use in automotive applications is the connector series SMBA, which adheres to the FAKRA standard.

IMS Connector Systems, the experts for high frequency connections, supplies to many technology markets all over the world. These markets include: Antennas, Automotive industry, Transportation, Computers, Industrial equipment like Automation and Manufacturing systems engineering, Medical equipment, Wireless devices, Telecommunication infrastructure, Measurement equipment and others.

Keys to success for IMS Connector Systems are strong market and customer orientation, individual technical support for customers worldwide, continuous innovation, strong competence in RF development and high quality standards.

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  • RF Coaxial Connectors
  • Components for Mobile Devices

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