Kingfont was established in 1983 by several engineers who were all experienced in mould design and tooling. Initially they concentrated on stamping process, progressive die development and the manufacture of terminals, contacts and components – all areas which are now specialized – with the booming 3C industry they decided to concentrate on connector manufacturing producing a wide range of memory card connectors to meet the needs of a fast growing market for portable devices such as: PDAs, Cellular Telephones, Digital Cameras, PC/IPC and Telecom Systems.

Products & Categories

  • Compact Flash Cards
  • Memory Stick Cards
  • Micro SD Cards (Trans Flash)
  • Mini SD Cards
  • Multi Memory Cards
  • M2 Cards
  • PCMCIA Cards
  • SD Cards
  • Simm Cards
  • Smart IC Cards
  • XD Picture Cards

Product Gallery

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