MAX ECHO Technology Corporation was founded in 1992. The company headquarters, factory and specialist R&D engineering team is located in Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung, Taiwan. They manufacture standard and custom products.

Products & Categories

  • Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads
  • High Current Ferrite Chip Beads
  • Super High Current Ferrite Chip Beads
  • Multilayer Ferrite Chip Inductors
  • High Frequency Ceramic Chip Inductors
  • Non-Polarity Super High Frequency Chip Inductors
  • Multilayer Power Inductors
  • Wire Wound Ceramic Chip Inductors
  • Moulded Wire Wound Chip Inductors
  • Bead Arrays
  • Multilayer Ferrite Common Mode Chokes
  • GHz High Frequency Ferrite Chip Beads
  • 3 Terminal EMI Suppressor Filters
  • Multilayer Balun Transformers

Product Gallery

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