Category: Articles - Year: 2012

News Article – Kycon’s New Micro USB Connector

Published on 12/11/2012

Kycon introduces Micro USB Connector Kycon has added a Micro USB B type Connector with through-hole side tabs. The through-hole side tab feature, offers functionality where...Continue Reading

News Article – Syfer’s New MLCC Range Launched!

Published on 11/27/2012

New Syfer MLCC Range Launched in Munich at Electronica 2012!Innovation was the theme of UK-based Syfer Technology’s stand at Electronica 2012, with new products dominating...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom’s High Power LED Drivers for Lighting

Published on 10/3/2012

High Power LED Drivers for Street and Outdoor LightingThe new RACD100 and RACD150 series are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications whether they are running...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom Launches Compact Size LED Driver

Published on 10/3/2012

Compact Size LED Driver: 30W Constant Voltage with PFCThe RACV30 is the first of a new series of constant voltage LED drivers, ideal for powering...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom introduces 20W Buck/Boost Driver

Published on 10/3/2012

20Watt Buck/Boost Driver Supplies High Power LEDs from Low Power SourcesStandard LED Drivers (Buck Topology) require the input voltage to be higher than the output...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom’s 70W Buck Driver Powers LEDs

Published on 10/3/2012

70W Buck Driver Powers Long LED Strings and Multi-Chip ArraysThe LED Lighting market is booming! Especially for LED strings and multi-chip arrays, the advance is...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon Adds Alternate Body Style Power Jack

Published on 10/2/2012

Kycon Adds Alternate Body Style to Surface Mount DC Power JacksKycon now offers an alternate body style to their surface mount DC Power Jacks line....Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon Adds Mid-Mount Audio Jack

Published on 9/10/2012

Kycon Introduces a Middle Mount Audio JackA new 2.5mm mid-mount option has been added to the Kycon audio jack range. The STX-25442 series increases flexibility...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon’s Lower Profile Mid-Mount Jack

Published on 8/10/2012

Kycon Adds High Current Lower Profile Mid-Mount DC Power Jack.Kycon now offers a High Current Lower Profile Mid-Mount DC Power Jack product to further expand...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon Introduces New HDMI™ Connector

Published on 7/25/2012

Kycon introduces a HDMI™ Type D (Micro) ConnectorKycon now offers the market a HDMI™ Type D (Micro) Connector. HDMI™ Connectors are typically used in camcorders,...Continue Reading

News Article – Yamaichi’s Ultra-Flat SIM Card Reader

Published on 7/20/2012

Ultra-flat next generation SIM card reader with innovative pull ejector!Yamaichi Electronics has added the FMS006-8010-0 to its portfolio of high quality card readers. Their unique new...Continue Reading

News Article – Alliance Memory’s New Fast CMOS SRAMs

Published on 7/3/2012

Alliance Memory's New 8M Fast CMOS SRAMs in 44-Pin TSOP-ll and TFBGA Packages Alliance Memory have added to their extensive line of legacy high-speed CMOS SRAMs...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon Adds Mid-Mount DC Power Jack

Published on 6/29/2012

Kycon now offers a High Current Mid-Mount DC Power Jack product to further expand design options. The mid-mount option adds more flexibility to board mount...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom Micro-Sized AC/DC Converters

Published on 6/13/2012

Recom’s new RAC converters have exceeded set goals with extremely low power ratings as demanded by the EU standards. They have also received an excellent...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon Vertical Locking DC Power Jack

Published on 5/24/2012

Kycon has expanded their Power Jack series by adding a Vertical High Current Locking Type DC Power Jack. This component features a built-in on/off switch....Continue Reading

News Article – Yamaichi Vibration-Resistant SD Card Reader

Published on 5/24/2012

Yamaichi Electronics has launched another innovative product to the SD card reader family currently on the market. The FPS009-4200-0(03) was especially designed for applications with...Continue Reading

News Article – Everlight LED Lighting For Special Applications

Published on 5/7/2012

EVERLIGHT unveiled the company’s new generation of LED components and special lighting fixtures. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of energy saving; EVERLIGHT is...Continue Reading

News Article – Everlight Introduces Shwo D LED Lighting Series

Published on 5/7/2012

EVERLIGHT Electronics have introduced a brand new LED, thereby increasing its Lighting Series components portfolio. The Shwo D Series – Offers a new type of...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon High-Current Panel Mount Power Jack

Published on 5/3/2012

Kycon introduced a High-Current Panel Mount DC Power Jack option to their current series of Power Jacks. The expansion of their Power Jack line allows...Continue Reading

News Article – ACT New Surface-Mount Dielectric Filters

Published on 4/12/2012

ACT announces a new range of competitively-priced, compact surface-mount dielectric filters for GPS and industrial applications. Advanced Crystal Technology’s SE series of dielectric filters are...Continue Reading

News Article – ACT Offers Fast Delivery On Crystal Oscillators

Published on 4/12/2012

ACT is pleased to announce a fast delivery service for their ACT9300PR clock oscillators. The reduced lead-time of between 2-4 weeks substantially reduces typical fixed...Continue Reading

News Article – ACT Introduces Dielectric Antennas

Published on 4/12/2012

ACT has introduced dielectric antennas to their product porfolio - Advanced Crystal Technology released a new range of dielectric antennas suitable for GPS, WLAN and...Continue Reading

News Article – Alliance Memory Enters SDRAM Market

Published on 3/23/2012

New High-Speed CMOS Synchronous DRAMs - Alliance Memory has just launched a new family of CMOS Synchronous DRAMs (SDR) with densities of 64 Mb (AS4C4M16S),...Continue Reading

News Article – MEC Launched Panel Sealings For Caps

Published on 3/23/2012

The seal names are 1TW/1UW/1VW. The colour is black and they are made of silicone. The 1TW and 1UW sealings provide IP67 and the 1VW...Continue Reading

News Article – MEC Changes Their Website

Published on 3/23/2012

The new website has been created in order to make it easier to find information. The products have been divided into 6 groups: Single pole...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom AC/DC-LED-Driver Dimmable To Zero

Published on 3/2/2012

TRIAC-dimmers were originally designed to dim incandescent filament lamps. The elimination of these lamp types increases the need for alternative dimming methods. The use of...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom Low Cost Switching Regulator Module

Published on 3/2/2012

Switching regulator ICs offer good efficiency but require a significant time investment in design, PCB layout and component choice. The power supply is usually the...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom AC/DC-LED Driver, 3 & 6 Watt Power

Published on 3/2/2012

The new RACD03- and RACD06- families are low power LED drivers with constant power supply. With High isolation and long lifetime the compact driver-modules are...Continue Reading