Category: Articles - Year: 2013

News Article – Alliance New High-Speed CMOS SDRAMs

Published on 12/2/2013

Alliance Memory extends its 64M and 128M lines of high-speed CMOS synchronous DRAMs (SDRAM) with new 2M x 32 and 4M x32 devices in the...Continue Reading

News Article – Yamaichi Y-CON RJ45 JACK IN CAT. 6A

Published on 11/29/2013

A new highlight component for industrial RJ45 connectivity is the Y-ConJack-6* series. This new category 6A (Cat 6A) jack enhances the Y-ConRJ45 product range from Yamaichi...Continue Reading

News Article – Yamaichi Y-CONPROFIX RJ45 PLUG IN CAT. 6A

Published on 11/29/2013

Our new product member within the enhanced Y-ConRJ45 series is called Y-ConProfixPlug. One of Yamaichi Electronics´ goals during the development was to create a RJ45...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom’s High-Isolation DC/DC Converters

Published on 7/4/2013

High-Isolation DC/DC Converters for IGBT SystemsRecom has introduced the following new DC/DC Converters: RH, RV, RP, RGZ, RKZ, RxxPxx & RxxP2xx, which are...Continue Reading

News Article – Winstar adds new WH2004 display modules

Published on 6/28/2013

Product introduction WH2004G & WH2004HWinstar Display Co., Ltd released a new series of 20x4 Character LCM. This display comes with a built-in controller IC. The...Continue Reading

News Article – Winstar’s new WH1602B Series display item

Published on 6/27/2013

Winstar introduces a new standard item in the WH1602B Series Winstar Display Co., Ltd has released a new standard item in the WH1602B Series which features...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon adds another USB Connector

Published on 6/19/2013

Kycon adds another USB Connector to their product range The new High Temperature USB A-type receptacle connector has a shorter body. The latter does not compromise...Continue Reading

News Article – Alliance Memory’s New CMOS SRAMs

Published on 6/18/2013

Alliance Memory's new 16M High-Speed AS7C316096A & AS7C316098A CMOS SRAMs Alliance Memory has introduced the AS7C316096A and AS7C316098A 16M high-speed CMOS SRAMs in the 48-pin, 12x20mm...Continue Reading

News Article – IMS Connector Systems QLS®

Published on 5/17/2013

IMS Connector Systems recently launched the QLS®Advanced – The new Quick-Lock Generation "Made in Germany!"The newly developed "QLS Advanced" Quick-Lock solution offers a comprehensive range...Continue Reading

News Article – ACT’s Fast Lead Time Oscillators

Published on 5/15/2013

New Release from ACT: Fast Lead Time Oscillators! TCXO, VCTCXO, VCXO, XO and XO low jitter oscillators are now available. A...Continue Reading

News Article – Alliance Memory’s 32M CMOS SRAM

Published on 5/6/2013

New Low-Power 32M CMOS SRAM Alliance Memory expanded its line of low-power CMOS SRAMS with a new 32M IC (2M x 16 / 4M x 8...Continue Reading

News Article – Alliance Memory’s CMOS Sychronous DRAMs

Published on 4/29/2013

New High-Speed CMOS Synchronous DRAMs with 128MB & 256MB Densities in 54-Ball TFBGA Package Alliance Memory extended its 128M and 256M product range of high-speed CMOS...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom’s product of the year contender

Published on 4/22/2013

Product of the year runner up: "Recom's round-shaped power supply voted 3rd best innovation for 2013!" Readers of the German magazine "Elektronik" for the 15th time...Continue Reading

News Article – Yamaichi’s new F.A.T. Connector

Published on 3/27/2013

Yamaichi Electronics has introduced a new version of the field assembly F.A.T. Connector for the Y-Sol4 SeriesYamaichi Electronics has developed another connector version for the...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom’s 2 Watt Mini Power Supply

Published on 3/26/2013

2 Watt Mini Power Supply with extended Input Voltage RECOM has expanded its extensive product range with the introduction of a 2 Watt mini power supply...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon adds Vertical A Type USB 3.0 Connector

Published on 2/15/2013

Kycon introduces Vertical A Type USB 3.0 Connector Kycon has added a Vertical A Type USB 3.0 Connector option to increase design flexibility. The USB 3.0...Continue Reading

News Artivle – Alliance Memory’s 4MLow Power CMOS SRAMs

Published on 2/13/2013

Alliance Memory's 4M Low Power CMOS SRAMS offers 2.7V to 3.6V Power Supply in 6 different Package optionsAlliance Memory expanded their line of legacy Low...Continue Reading

News Article – Alliance Memory’s High-Speed CMOS SDRAM

Published on 2/12/2013

Alliance Memory's New High-Speed CMOS Synchronous DRAM with Low 16MB Density in 50-Pin TSOP Package Alliance Memory has introduced a new high-speed CMOS synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)...Continue Reading

News Article – MEC Launches New Switch Function Option

Published on 2/8/2013

MEC has launched a new function option for the Multimec® 5 Series Switches: Normally Closed/Normally Open.Normally Closed/Normally Open (NC/NO) function means that the switch has...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom’s Products are RoHS2 certified

Published on 2/7/2013

RECOM Products are RoHS2 certified The RoHS Directive has been updated under a new EU Directive 2011/65/EU and will now become part of the CE marking...Continue Reading