Category: Articles - Year: 2015

News Article – Apem A02ES-I Emergency Stop Switches

Published on 11/27/2015

APEM is pleased to introduce the A02ES-I series, an ergonomic emergency stop switch certified to the highest safety standards. This product with its new modern...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon USB 3.1 Type C Connectors

Published on 11/18/2015

Kycon has expanded their USB series, adding two top mount USB 3.1 Type C connectors to its USB line of products. Measuring at just 8.4mm...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon Vertical Mount Micro USB

Published on 11/13/2015

Kycon has expanded their USB series, adding a vertical mount micro USB B-type connector to increase versatility in their line. The vertical mounting option offers...Continue Reading

News Article – Y-Circ P Crimping Tool and Crimped Cable Assembly

Published on 11/13/2015

After the successful launch of the Push-Pull circular connector series Y-Circ® P this product family is growing more and more. Now also crimp contacts are...Continue Reading

News Article – AV 30mm Series Security Pushbutton Switches

Published on 11/13/2015

APEM expands its range of security switches with a new larger diameter model. The AV 30 mm pushbuttons are easy to operate due to their...Continue Reading

News Article – Reliable even at freezing temperatures

Published on 10/2/2015

RECOM recently launched its latest generation of low-power modules with rated outputs of 2 or 3W respectively. One of the main new features is the...Continue Reading

News Article – Fanless Medical Power Supplies with 2 MOPP

Published on 10/2/2015

RECOM Power announces two new series of AC/DC power supplies designed for medical applications: the RACM100 and RACM150. These compact, high efficiency power supplies provide...Continue Reading

News Article – CMOS DDR3L SDRAM

Published on 7/30/2015

Alliance Memory introduces a new monolithic high-speed, low-voltage CMOS double data rate 3 synchronous DRAM (DDR3L SDRAM) with an 8-Gb density in the 96-ball, 9-mm...Continue Reading

News Article – AV Series Pushbutton Switches

Published on 7/24/2015

The AV series is a wide range of pushbutton switches that offers the same robustness and aesthetics you’ve come to expect from APEM. Tested and...Continue Reading

News Article – FD Series Pushbutton Switches

Published on 6/19/2015

APEM introduces its latest innovation: the FD series double icon illuminated pushbutton switches. These products complement the existing range of large illuminated pushbuttons switches with...Continue Reading

News Article – Recom’s Positive Customer Feedback

Published on 5/29/2015

Recom’s recently opened headquarters has a well-equipped EMC laboratory that can be used by customers and students to solve EMC issues in their own applications....Continue Reading

News Article – Medical-Grade DC/DC Converters

Published on 5/29/2015

RECOM announces the release of three new medical-grade DC/DC converters with 250VAC/2MOPP certification. The REM3, REM6 and REM10 series offer 3W, 6W or 10W output...Continue Reading

News Article – 48W & 60W Open Frame AC/DC Power Supplies

Published on 5/29/2015

RECOM’s new RAC48/OF and RAC60/OF Class II open frame power supplies offer 48W or 60W output power with excellent performance, even at high ambient temperatures....Continue Reading

News Article – New USB 3.1 Connectors

Published on 5/22/2015

Since the introduction of the USB interface (Universal Serial Bus) in 1996, this I/O connection has become an essential part of everyday life, industry, and...Continue Reading

News Article – New Circular Connector with Push-Pull Locking

Published on 5/22/2015

After the successful introduction of the new circular connector series Y-Circ® P with push-pull interlocking, the product range will now be successively expanded. The new...Continue Reading

News Article – Kycon Adds A -Type High Retention Force USB

Published on 3/6/2015

Kycon expands their line of USB 2.0 products to include an A-type that allows for 50% more retention force than the standard USB thus preventing...Continue Reading

News Article – FP Series Pushbutton Switches

Published on 3/5/2015

APEM complements its range of large illuminated pushbuttons with a diameter 26 mm series featuring easy & rapid to install thanks to its snap-in mounting...Continue Reading

News Article – FR Series Hall Effect 3 Position Thumb Control

Published on 1/29/2015

The FR Series is a single axis 3-position thumb controller, offering a Forward-Neutral-Reverse operation ideal for material handling, construction and agriculture applications. [embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google"]...Continue Reading